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Gerald Messbarger Educational Fund Guidelines



To honor Gerald Messbarger, CRNA, for his contributions to the Nebraska Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NANA), and for his dedication to the profession of Nurse Anesthesia.

To establish a fund to assist student anesthetists in Nebraska educational programs of Nurse Anesthesia to attend meeting(s) of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA).

To enable students in Nebraska’s Nurse Anesthesia educational programs to experience the political, educational, and social and interactions that are only available at the AANA meeting(s).

To encourage student interest and participation in state and national professional organizations for Nurse Anesthesia.


Funds for the Gerald Messbarger Educational Fund will come from the following sources:

Personal donations by members of NANA, or other interested parties who wish to honor Mr. Messbarger;

Honoraria from student presentations at educational meetings of the NANA will be provided. NANA will provide an honorarium determined by the Program Committee and will be approved by the NANA Board of Directors. More than one student may participate in one presentation. Presentations are to be of a similar quality as those of other program speakers;

Proceeds from raffles and other fundraising activities approved by the NANA Board of Directors;

Donations from members of NANA, or other interested parties who wish to support Nurse Anesthesia education.


Students interested in attending the AANA meeting(s) should submit a request in writing to the NANA Board of Directors.

This request should be made at least three (3) months prior to the national meeting.

Information submitted by the student(s) should include the following:

School attending;

Date enrolled and expected date of graduation;

Reasons for wanting to attend AANA meeting(s);

Minimum amount of funding required allowing student to attend;

Statement from their program director that they will be allowed the time to attend.

Amounts awarded to student(s) will be based on information submitted to the NANA Board of Directors and the number of students applying. Fund amounts may vary from year to year based on the financial ability of the fund and the number of students who apply.

The NANA Board of Directors will have final decision on which student(s) will receive monies from the fund, and in what amount on a year-to-year basis.

A written report will be completed by the student(s) and turned into the Board of Directors within one (1) month after the meeting. This report will be published in the official NANA newsletter.

The intent of the program is to provide funding that will allow as many of the students who are interested to attend as possible. Students should investigate ways to save monies if possible (i.e., sharing rooms with other persons attending, eating some meals at vendor receptions, etc.).

Monies awarded to students are to be used for the purposes requested, and are a grant to the student and not repayable. Students who benefit from the program are highly encouraged to support the fund when they are in practice.

Students who receive money from the fund are expected to attend all possible sessions at the AANA meeting(s). This includes the assembly of school faculty sessions, and AANA business meeting, in addition to clinical sessions.

Awards, grants and scholarships are also available through the AANA Foundation.