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From the NANA President

Greetings Colleagues,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying your professional and family time. I hope that we all continue to maintain the work/life balance we strive for and have found some time to enjoy the summer this year. It seems that “Back to School Time” came so quickly. Your NANA Board of Directors recently had some homework of their own in our day-long strategic planning meeting held at the end of July. During this session, we identified 5 domains to excel in and continue growth. These areas are: 1) Legislation/Regulations & Government Relations, 2) Consumer Advocacy & Public Relations, 3) Membership Engagement, 4) Membership Services, 5) Leadership Development and 6) Governance.  We created 5-6 objectives under each domain and formulated tactics to achieve our goals. Our organization will continue to grow in strength and number of volunteers dedicated to advance the CRNA profession in Nebraska. We also have a lot going on in regards to Federal and State Government relations. Please see that specific section in our newsletter for updates.  

This spring the NANA Program Committee organized another excellent educational Spring Conference. The content was relevant and the presenters exceptional. If you have not attended a NANA sponsored conference in a while, I strongly encourage you to do so. Tuition and accommodations are affordable, you gain all credit hours over the weekend, and proceeds go back to your organization. In conjunction with our Spring Conference, the NANA PAC put on another successful event providing us with a delightful networking/social event that also raised essential money for our PAC Account.  This money is so valuable in being recognized by our state senators and for them, in-turn listening to and representing our interests. We can only get PAC funds by personal donations so PLEASE DONATE, we can’t do it without you. One of our strategic goals is to have at least 40% of our members donate to our PAC so we can advocate for you.  Making a donation is a simple process. You can even sign up for a small monthly donation to help us achieve our legislative goals.  

AANA recently held elections for Directors and Officers. The voter turnout was again unfortunately low.  We will be holding our own elections for NANA BOD and Officers soon.  I know that our Nebraska CRNAs care about the direction of the organization and will take the time to vote. You will be receiving directions on how to do this via email. All candidates will provide a position statement so that you can best select the candidate that represents you, whether it be via a similar practice environment or ideals. Results will be announced at our Fall Conference.  We will also be voting on a new bylaw to add a Rural Anesthesia Board of Director Position. This Position will be occupied by a rural anesthesia provider to ensure we always have rural representation on the Board. If the bylaw passes, the current NANA Board of Directors and officers will appoint the position for the first year out of the current candidates, and then the membership will vote for them on the ballot in all subsequent years.  

My NANA presidency will also conclude at our Fall Meeting. It has been my pleasure serving in this role. I am and always will be passionate about our profession and continue to advocate and fight so that CRNAs can continue to enjoy the great practice environment we have in Nebraska.  Having the opportunity to meet with CRNA leaders across the nation has truly made me grateful for what has been established in our state by our previous leaders. I will pass the gavel to Kris Rohde and am excited to see all that she will achieve. Kris will be an excellent President and will be very responsive to our membership needs. She has always been an outstanding advocate and will continue to do so throughout her term.  

I continue to encourage all of you to be involved and invested in your profession. Whether that entails having additional involvement with AANA, NANA, your place of employment, education of SRNAs, providing excellent care to patients and educating them on the profession, or financially supporting the organizations that advocate for you. All of these have great value to the advancement of our profession, and we hope that you take the time to help in multiple ways. It continues to be a great time to be a CRNA, and we want to ensure that remains true for many years to come.  

Thank you for the excellent care and education you provide every day.


Tiffany Olson, CRNA
NANA President