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2018 AANA Foundation Golf Tournament

The fourth Annual AANA Foundation fundraiser golf tournament was held on July 21. 11 teams golfed and nine students golfed for free as they all had full sponsorships of very generous CRNAs.  We enjoyed lunch together of grilled burgers and lots of laughs!  We raised nearly $2000 for the AANA Foundation!  The following were sponsors for the tournament:

Platinum Sponsors: 

  • Rob Downey, Morgan Stanley (his team won the tournament by the way!)
  • Tim Brady, Sweet Dreams Anesthesia LLC
  • Dustin Will, Benefits Management
  • Chuck Rowse, Norfolk Anesthesia Group

Silver Sponsors:

  • Sarah Theoharis
  • Katrina Longe
  • Melissa Tufford
  • Kerman Nickel
  • Chance Buttars
  • Todd VanHorn

Student Sponsors:

  • Zach Schiffbauer
  • Logan Kopf
  • Josh Wenande
  • Chad Miller
  • Sharon Hadenfeldt
  • Ben Huls
  • Ali Strachota
  • Kyle Hilsabeck
  • Kristina Draper

Please plan to golf next year and join our Facebook group "Nebraska Golf Tournament for AANA Foundation"

Thank you for your continued support.  

Any Questions please contact:

Amy Graham or  Sarah Langan