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NANA Board of Directors 2021-22 Candidate Information

Laura Fraynd DNAP, CRNA

Omaha, Nebraska

Current Practice: Staff CRNA at Nebraska Medicine

Education: BSN, DNAP-Bryan College of Health Sciences

Professional Memberships: AANA member, NANA member

Position Statement

It is an honor to be nominated as a candidate for the NANA Board of Directors. NANA has played a strong roll in my professional development and I am excited to give back through my time and service.

I am passionate about our profession and believe it is important to continue the strong work CRNAs have been performing to ensure our state continues to allow our full scope of practice. It would be my privilege to serve my fellow Nebraska CRNAs. Thank you for your consideration. 


Allison Strachota-DNAP, CRNA

Practice: Staff CRNA at Lakeside Hospital

Education: RN, BSN- Bryan College of Health Sciences CRNA- Bryan College of Health Sciences

Professional Membership: AANA, NANA

Background: I began my nursing career in the ER at Methodist Hospital. After working there for 1.5 years I decided I had a passion for trauma so took a job in the ER at Creighton University. I loved the challenge of the patient care at Creighton ER and really took to the critical care aspect of nursing. My goal as a RN was to become a Flight RN so in 2012 I accepted a job to join a new helicopter base in Clarinda, Iowa. Taking on that kind of autonomy as a RN, I realized I enjoyed it and wanted to further my career as RN so looked into CRNA schools. I was accepted into Bryan and started there in 2015. Through all my walks in the nursing world I see how vital every role is. I have enjoyed taking care of my patients in every different avenue of nursing I have worked in.

Position Statement: I am grateful and humbled to be considered as a candidate for the NANA Board of Directors. Having worked as a CRNA for the past three years I have developed a passion for not only serving my patients but also advocating for them. I have seen what tremendous care we as CRNAs are able to provide for our patients from urban life to rural life and realize the importance of CRNAs maintaining the autonomy we have in our state. If elected I want to continue to advocate for our full practice as CRNAs in Nebraska and support CRNAs in whatever way I can. I will welcome the opportunity to listen and serve you


Becky VanWinkle, CRNA

Background & Position Statement:  Hi everyone!! My name is Becky VanWinkle and I am hoping to obtain a position on the NANA Board of Directors. I began my nursing career as an RN with my ADN from Central Community College in 2008. I was lucky enough to work at an amazing rural, critical access hospital in Albion, Nebraska where I was able to work in all areas of nursing. My family and I then moved to Gretna, Nebraska in 2012 and I began working at Methodist Women’s Hospital in pre-op, PACU, and the OR. The OR has been my true home since I started scrubbing in 2007. I then began my journey back to my main goal of becoming a CRNA. I obtained my MSN from Nebraska Methodist College in 2015, while working in the ICU at Nebraska Methodist Hospital. I graduated with my DNAP from Bryan College of Health Sciences in 2020. I then began working at Nebraska Medicine, where I trained during graduate school, in September 2020. I am absolutely in love with my job and I am so blessed to be a part of the NE Medicine anesthesia team. 

I am currently a member of the NANA and the AANA. I would love to become more active now that the stress of school and starting a new job are dissipating! I truly feel like it is our job as providers to be our own advocates and to fight for our positions in healthcare across the state of Nebraska. As a former small town girl and rural area nurse, I feel it’s important to not only advocate for CRNAs in the area where we practice, but in all of the wonderful small town hospitals across the state, as well. We are all in this together! 

As advanced nurse practitioners, we are able to utilize our nursing experiences and give our patients the best care possible. I genuinely care about my patients, their families, and this profession. I am excited to have the opportunity to become active in the NANA and to help ensure we can keep doing this job we all love to our fullest potential. As the AANA states, CRNAs are the answer!! Thank you all for taking the time to read my position statement and for your consideration!!