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Dear NANA Members, 

During this unprecedented time in our nation and especially in healthcare, there is a lot of uncertainty, confusion, and fear. With the recommendation of the Surgeon General to cancel all elective procedures, I’m sure we are all questioning what our role as CRNAs will be. The AANA has guidelines posted on their website to address this. I recommend everyone go to and read through their information. They also have a designated resource page for all of us to use during this National Emergency. You can find it here

It is important that as independent CRNAs, we talk to our hospital administrators to have more clearly defined roles in the hospitals during this time. As CRNAs, we have been trained to practice autonomously, make independent judgments, and can be utilized as APRNs. We can function in ERs, ICUs, and other critical care areas. We are experts in rapidly assessing patients, airway management, ventilation support, volume resuscitation, triage, emergency preparedness, and resource management. Now is the time to highlight all of our skills.

Again, please look at the AANA’s website. There is so much information there that can assist in caring for patients suspected to have or have COVID-19. There is also information on how to protect yourself. Because we are on the front lines, it is extremely important for us to stay safe and healthy.

Please reach out to me or any of the members on the Board if you need assistance. We will try to get you in touch with appropriate personnel and resources. 

Stay Safe,

Kris Rohde
President, Nebraska Association of Nurse Anesthetists