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CRNAs are engaged advocates for patient safety and for their profession. At the federal and state levels, CRNAs are active in communicating with legislators and policymakers about a wide range of issues, including safety standards, patient access to quality healthcare services, scope of practice, educational funding, and reimbursement. The Association continuously monitors legislation and regulations that affect nurse anesthesia practice, coordinates and facilitates member communications with lawmakers and regulators to explain the issues and their implications, testifies at hearings, and engages professional lobbyists to supplement the advocacy efforts of members.

The Association also maintains a Political Action Committee to strengthen the profession’s voice and to help elect lawmakers who understand the issues most important to CRNAs and their patients. Since it is against the law for an association to use members’ dues for contributions to political campaigns, the voluntary contributions of members to the PAC are the only legal way for the profession to make a collective impact in elections.  PAC contributions go to candidates in both political parties who are advocates for the practice of nurse anesthesia and for patient access to CRNAs. 

State Legislative Issues

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NE Unicameral Info Office

Federal Legislative Issues

NANA Political Action Committee