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CRNA Advocate of the Year Award

The NANA CRNA Advocate of the Year Award was created in 2017 to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the profession as an advocate for the interests of Nebraska CRNAs and their patients. Below are the award's criteria, guidelines, and selection process. If you have any questions, please contact the NANA office or 402/476-3852

The award is intended to recognize individuals who have demonstrated advocacy in one or more of the following ways:

  • Developed and maintained productive relationships with elected federal or state lawmakers or candidates for federal and state political offices;
  • Informed and educated legislators, regulators, or candidates about CRNA policy positions;
  • Actively participated in political activities (fundraising, campaigning, etc.) on behalf of candidates;
  • Supported the association’s Political Action Committee;
  • Supported CRNA political  or public relations objectives or initiatives;
  • Promoted the profession to patients,  hospital administrators, or other key target audiences through public relations, networking, or community service;
  • Advocated for the profession and patients by serving on regulatory boards;
  • Promoted the profession by actively supporting, educating, and encouraging students or contributing to the professional development of CRNAs;
  • Advanced the profession through research or publication.

The award is intended, but not required, to be awarded annually.  Award recipients do not need to be CRNAs or members of NANA.

Selection process
Nominations are solicited during the first quarter of the calendar year and may be made by any NANA member or by the Board of Directors. An award selection committee, appointed by the President, will review and evaluate the nominations and select a recipient, if appropriate.  If a recipient is selected, the award should be presented during the NANA Spring Conference.

CRNA Advocate of the Year Award Recipients